Minggu, Desember 09, 2012


Please kindly hear the song. Inner peace.

All audiences were completely astonished I was one of them during a screening of short animated film titled Paperman before Wreck-It Ralph began. It's a silent story about fate and love. It said so much without a single word. That time was such a joy!

Uniquely, Paperman was made by hybrid of computer-generated and hand-drawn technique. Using a minimalist black-and-white style, the story took place in New York in mid-century. Once, a lonely young man met a beautiful girl unexpectedly on his daily morning commute to his office. The meet made the young man numb, charmed by the woman's beauty. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough time to do some chit-chat, so the woman got into the train, left the young man alone again.

The young man got his second chance when he spot the same woman in the skyscraper building across the avenue from his office. He flipped the paper on his desk into a paper-plane then threw it to get her attention. His efforts were no match for the fate that had been made at that time. Yeah, the wind continually blew every single paper-plane to the wrong direction. In the end, fate rewarded whoever tried really hard to make something happen. Sweetness!

"Do your best, God do the rest" is not a piece of bull shit. God has His own scenario. He is the best director of your life and His script is flawless.

We all have the desired to be loved. People, this life is all about connection. I know that kind of feeling is unexplainable, but if you feel so, when you are convinced that he or she will inspire you for the rest of your life: take risks, do strive, find love.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
-The Beatles