Jumat, Juli 17, 2009

Am I chasing an empty hope?

Pada dasarnya, wanita membutuhkan seorang pria sebagai tempat bersandar.
Pada dasarnya, pria membutuhkan seorang wanita sebagai tempat mencurahkan kasih sayang.

Truth be told, I'm in love (again) but the situation it's complicated to me.
I hate pushing someone to like or love me.
Whether SHE read this or not, bahasa bau kencurnya, yeah, gue suka sama elo!

Love is not just about sex.
It's about trust and care.

5 komentar:

nisanichan mengatakan...

whos the lucky girl ?

Gandrie mengatakan...

i don't think she's that lucky, chan...
i'm just me, a thin young boy yet stupid...
gue cuman pingin care ke seseorang, chan...

nisanichan mengatakan...

eheheh still lucky lah gan. maybe you're thin, but you're not stupid. dan sampe kapan lo mau nyebut diri lo 'boy'?? hiehehe..
tiap orang yang dipeduliin orang tuh lucky kok gan, siapapun itu. hhehe

Febi Purnamasari mengatakan...

what can I say?
if you're serious with her, keep on trying. show her that you really love her NO MATTER WHAT. even LDR.

cheer up.

Gandrie mengatakan...

huge thanks for all of you!