Selasa, Juli 29, 2008

High School Never End!

Helo! Check this out yo! Trailer video angkatan kita! 78 08!

The video was made by our 3 great friends, Ai, Amin, n Dodol (Studio 2). Thanks to them anyway. A wonderful masterpiece that can remind us about our awesome moment in high school! Di Jupan!

Soklah pesen, limited stuffs, coy!
Dodol: 08561726472

High School Never End!


2 komentar:

avoo :3 mengatakan...

"78 tuh skolah gw, SMA."

gandrie nampaaang, gandrie nampaang


dodol_duren is JAMBANhead mengatakan...

"wc nya bau, parkir bayar...."

what a fucked up place, but as Gandrie said,

78 itu sekolah gw SMA!